We Recycle Plastic Bottles using 3D Printers!

          1 - We are developing 3D printing processes in NZ using locally recycled plastic bottles.

          2 - We import engineering grade, recycled materials for sale to NZ 3D printing professionals.

          3 - We promote the concept of Community Based Digital Manufacturing using local materials.

          4 - We design, visualize and 3D print sustainable objects ranging from the artistic to the technical.


Let's make it Local!

Our goal is to help replace imported plastic goods with locally designed and made products, sourced from local plastic waste.

We believe this can energize educational, corporate and community involvement in local manufacturing.  

Partner your project with REFORGE.                              Call Chris at 021 393 900.


Community Based Digital Manufacturing

Community Based Digital Manufacturing leverages NZ design capability and uses 3D printers with recycled plastics to solve several problems.  The concept reduces waste, increases local economic power and helps bring back local manufacturing.  It creates new export opportunities and has the potential to lift communities.  Based in Devonport, we are exploring a small pilot project with the intent of scaling this waste to value proposition throughout New Zealand.


Changing Unlimited Waste into Unlimited Possibilities!

REFORGE, a division of Reflection Graphics, Ltd.

P. 0. Box 32 390
Devonport, Auckland 0744
New Zealand Phone (649) 445 1480