Who we are

Chris Keenan, Director

Chris is a veteran of California’s 3D software industry with 20 years experience as president of successful technology firms.  His California firm provided 3D software and solutions for architecture, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, video and game development.  Chris has worked with many of the Worlds largest organizations and served on the software reseller advisory boards of AutoDesk, Macromedia and Softdesk.

In New Zealand, Chris has applies his experience to 3D animation, film-making, organisational graphics and 3D printing.  One major client has been the Department of Conservation which awarded Chris with a conservation achievement award.  He is an advocate of sustainability and his views on renewable energy have been published in the New Zealand Herald.  Chris consults at UNITEC’s Architecture School as a senior lecturer on 3D Animation, Film and Renewable Energy.  He has a keen interest in naval architecture and using 3D software, designed a 12 meter yacht that was built by Mike Pearce Boatbuilders.  He has extensive fabrication experience in materials ranging from advanced composites to wood and cast metals.   Together with his extensive background with 3D tools and 3D printing he is a experienced resource for innovative projects.

In addition to a background in offshore sailing, he had an early career as a professional pilot. Chris holds a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Administration and is US FAA rated as a Multiengine Airline Transport Pilot.

Mary Brake, Director

Mary spends most of her time on the Reflection Graphics side of our business.  She was part of a group of San Francisco Bay Area professionals who pioneered the graphic recording field.  In the US she gained extensive experience working with many of the world’s largest corporations.  She returned to New Zealand in 2001 and has introduced Graphic Recording to scores of organisations throughout Australasia and Asia Pacific. Mary works at meetings around the world and brings the benefit of emerging techniques in organisational change to each meeting.  She is an astute listener and who focuses on reflecting meeting content into easily understood graphics and text.  Her graphic recording skills encourage whole brain thinking and, ultimately, help individuals, teams and organisations become more effective.

Mary has particular expertise in strategic planning, culture change, stakeholder consultation and process planning. She has a law degree from Canterbury University and her initial experience was in criminal justice and social work.  She was involved with alternative dispute resolution for the University of Auckland and the NZ Housing Corporation.  In California, she joined California Lawyers for the Arts and transitioned into Graphic Recording, by studying art and design.  Mary is an experienced offshore sailor and has often competed in the Mahurangi Classic Boat Regatta.


Reforge has a talented pool of associates that expand our capabilities and have 3D artists, fabricators and digital designers to help develop your project.