Natural Refilament  LR

Natural Refilament 2.85 mm


Natural Refilament 3D printer filament. 2.85 mm diameter

90% PET from recycled drinking bottles

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Product Description

Natural Refilament 150Natural Refilament 3D printer filament.  2.85 mm diameter


Material: PET from Waste Source Drinking Bottles

Precision manufactured in the Netherlands by Refil

Net Weight 750 gr.

Package Weight 1 kg

Package Size 215x205x65 mm

3D Printing is a Revolution.  Lets Make it Sustainable!

Refil is a fantastic material for 3D printing professionals.  It is a precise, premium quality filament that is up to 90% recycled.  These semi transparent filament spools have an extremely unique translucent colour that comes from the green, blue, clear  and natural coloured bottles recycled in each batch. The Clear filament is based on purely transparent bottles.  PET is an attractive, very strong material that is also naturally flame and vapour resistant.   The spool holders are made from recycled cardboard!

Recommended Printing Parameters

  • Printing Temperature (advised) 220-250C
  • Platform Temperature (advised) 50-70C
  • Printing Speed (advised) 40-70 mm/s