Ethical, Sustainable Brand Opportunities

New Zealanders prefer packaging and products from recycled materials.  Today’s brand managers realize the benefits that come from being identified with sustainable products and practices and are actively moving their companies in this direction.

Progressive companies that do offer upcycled, 3D printed products are part of a compelling story, merging creativity and sustainability.  If your company is moving forward with digital manufacturing and 3D printing, make sure that your products or prototypes are being printed with recycled materials.   Today, most of the new generation of high quality "open source" 3D printers are fully compatible with the new engineering grade, recycled 3D materials.  

Branded giveaways such as customized mobile phone stands and business card holders can also help inform customer and employees while demonstrating your commitment to sustainability. 

3D printing is a revolution.  We help make it a sustainable one.

Contact us if you would like to explore a sustainable product, prototype or branding opportunity.