Community Based Digital Manufacturing

REFORGE is developing processes to recycle NZ plastic waste using 3D printers.   The end goal is to reduce both waste and 3D printing material costs to help accelerate community based digital manufacturing.  It leverages the rapid adaptation of 3D printers with our countries designers, to increase exports opportunities and help replace imports with localized product development. 

Project goals include;

  • Creating local economic and social benefits by increasing design & manufacturing careers in NZ.3d modelling 225
  • Using NZ 3D printing as a force multiplier to offset offshore production relying on cheap labour .
  • Reducing imports from overseas while creating new localized product distribution models.
  • Reducing plastic waste being shipped offshore or sent to our landfills.
  • Reducing carbon costs of an endless cycle of importing, exporting and importing back plastics.
  • Reducing 3D printing material costs to lower the barrier for large scale digital manufacturing.

We are developing a small pilot project to explore opportunities to scale this waste to value proposition throughout New Zealand.

If you are interested in partnering with REFORGE, contact Chris Keenan at 021 393 900.