3D Printing and Product Design

We offer 3D printing capabilities with a difference.  We really understand 3D. The actual process of 3D printing is not that difficult.  But what takes real expertise is designing and modeling 3D objects in a process optimized to produce excellent printed results. This requires an understanding of material properties and how to build effective 3D structures that match the material, the printer and goals of the design. We have small and large scale fabrication experience in materials ranging from advanced composites to wood and cast bronze. Combined with our extensive background with 3D tools, we can be a great resource for your project.

Get in touch with us and we can quickly determine if we are a good match for your project.  Whether you are a 3D professional with finished CAD files or an artist or designer with a paper sketch, we can help make your concept a physical reality.

Using Your Own CAD Data

If you require, we can help process your existing CAD data into 3D print ready formats.  Before a CAD file can be sent to a 3D printer it must also be processed in slicer software. These programs convert the geometry into hundreds of layers that are processed into machine path parameters.  To print as a physical object, each component of your 3D design must be a solid, manifold (leak proof) object. We can look at your file and quickly see if it is “print ready”.  If your software exports STL or OBJ files, you are almost there.

File conversion can range from a seamless process to an extensive rebuild of the 3D file.  While most programs like Sketch Up, AutoCAD, Solidworks, Revit, Maya and 3D Max will export a STL or OBJ file, the geometry can often require some tweaking.  Primarily we use Autodesk 3D Max to pre-process CAD files as MAX manages other file formats well and allows us to create renderings and animations.  3D printing requires expertise to create 3D models that print well and we can help you get the best result out of your CAD designs.